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Sign Language
(All ages welcome, children with an adult)

Curious individuals are invited to join us on a new adventure, learning this beautiful and useful language! Sign language is a great language for scuba divers, new parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to learn how to communicate with a non-verbal person. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in these family friendly sessions.
“Beginning” is for new learners of the Third-Most-Used Language in the
USA. The FUN learning experience will introduce finger-spelling and
numbers, and develop the brain’s capability to produce hand gestures and receive signs from one another. “Continued” is for students who have already taken a class and want to learn phrasing, reading finger-spelling, continue the number system, and enhance their understanding of signing. Min 3/Max 10

Instructor Susan Ishikawa is a certificated Teacher of Deaf & Severely
Hard-of-Hearing and has enjoyed teaching sign language for 39 years. Ask her about meeting KOKO, the Signing Gorilla, at Stanford University.

Dates/Time: Wed, Jul 9 - Jul 30; 6pm - 6:45pm OR
Wed, Aug 6 - Aug 27; 6pm - 6:45pm

Instructor: Susan Ishikawa:
Location: SWPRD Building, 5475 Maxwelton Rd, Langley, Room 125
Fee: $50 per session

Digital SLR Photography
(Adults and Youth Ages 16+)

This course will cover aspects of SLR photography to enable you to move beyond the “point-and-shoot” button, and utilize the camera’s controls for advanced creative photography. Sessions will focus on technical and creative details, including exposure, shutter speed, depth of field, flash, portraits, action photography and raw processing. Each session will include a didactic presentation and group critique of the student’s assigned “homework”. The first session will discuss techniques and settings for photographing fireworks. Max 12.
Required Supplies: Digital SLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC).

Location: SWPRD Building, 5475 Maxwelton Rd, Langley, Room 111 Instructor: David Welton is well known in our area for his outstanding documentary photography. He’s is a lifelong photographer/artist with images exhibited at Brooks Institute of Photography, U.W., U.O., Santa Barbara Arts Council, and the Edmonds Arts Festival. He is the staff photographer for Whidbey Life Magazine, and previously for the South Whidbey Record. Info: or (360)579-1030.

Dates/Time: Thu, Jul 3—31 | 5:30pm—6:30pm
Fee: $120

K9 Nosework Classes

Does your dog need more exercise? Does he need more confidence? Does he just need a job? This class will teach you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using his desire to hunt and his love of food, toys, and exercise.   It is a perfect course for dogs to have fun, build confidence and focus, and burn lots of mental and physical energy, even when it’s too cold or rainy to venture outside because nosework can be taught and practiced indoors with minimal space and equipment needs.

The sport also brings special benefits for dogs with issues such as lack of confidence or focus, being overly-reactive around other dogs and/or people, dogs convalescing from medical problems or living with disabilities (hearing or sight impairment, loss of a limb), generalized social or situational anxiety preventing them from joining a typical group training class, and retired conformation, competition, service, or working dogs in need of a job to keep them busy and happy. Max 8 per class.

Dogs of all breeds, ages, and abilities are welcome – from the young unfocused puppy to the elderly dog no longer able participate in long walks or rough-and-tumble dog play at the park – all will be successful and have fun. Owners, too!  No dog training experience is necessary.

The class instructor is Georgia Edwards, CNWI/National Association of Canine Scent Work, who may be reached at 360-579-1030 or emailed at

For more information, go to

Click here to read an Everett Herald news article about the sport of K9 Nosework.

K9 Nosework Classes

K9NW1: Beginning Nosework:
Dates/Time: Tue, July 8 - August 12 | Noon - 1:00pm
Fee: $150*

K9NW2A: Introduction to Odor:
Dates/Time: Sun, July 6 - August 17 (no class July 27) | Noon - 1:00pm
Fee: $150* (plus $10 materials fee, payable to instructor)

K9NW2B: Working with Odor:
Dates/Time: Sun, July 6 - August 17 (no class July 27) | 1:00pm - 2:30pm OR Tue, July 8 - Aug 12 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Fee: $150*

K9NW3: Continuing Nosework:
Dates/Time: Sun, July 6 - August 17 (no class July 27) | 3:00pm - 4:30pm OR Tue, July 8 - August 12 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Fee: $150*

* fee is per dog.

All classes meet at SWPRD Rec Center (Room 125), 5475 Maxwelton Rd, Langley

Private Lessons (NW-PL)

Private lessons can be arranged with the instructor. If you want to “sample” nosework to decide if it is the right training venue for
your dog before enrolling in a class or if you are already training with your dog and want to brush up on a particular skill or work to master a training problem, contact Georgia directly to arrange time and place.
By appointment, $25/dog per hour.

Items to Bring to Nosework Class

  1. Hungry & motivated dog – skip breakfast on the day of class or give only half of the usual meal. If you have a high-energy dog, please don’t burn them out with a long hike or play session before class.
  2. Your dog’s favorite, high-value treats; bring a few different kinds. Please avoid crumbly or crunchy cookie-type treats.
  3. Treat pouch or bait bag in which to put the food – no plastic baggies.
  4. Harness or buckle or martingale collar that is used ONLY for Nosework.  We recommend the Ezydog Quick- fit harness, available at Healthy Pet in Freeland (10% discount for SWPRD Nosework students) and on-line ( No slip or pinch collars, head halters, or easy-walk/no-jump harnesses.
  5. Leash (6 foot, leather or nylon). Please remove all dangling items (dog waste holders, charms, etc.) so as to not distract the dog.
  6. Comfortable bed or crate in your car for dog to rest when not working.
  7. Fresh drinking water & bowl.
  8. Dog waste bags for clean-up.
  9. Proof of vaccinations against rabies, parvo and distemper. Your vet can fax vaccination records to (360) 579-1040 prior to first class, or you can bring vet records with you. Rabies “collar tags” are not sufficient.


Georgia Edwards, CNWI, Canine CV
A physician by profession, Georgia has been involved in training, breeding, and competition sports with Bouvier des Flanders dogs for more than 20 years. She is certified as a canine nosework instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work, the only sanctioning and titling organization for the sport. Her current dog, Hawkeye, is the only Bouvier des Flandres in the world with a nosework title; he will be one of the nosework "demo dogs" at the Seattle Kennel Club show in March 2012.  For many years in Southern California, she and her dogs participated in the “Meet the Breed” programs, introducing the Bouvier des Flanders to the public at dog shows, including the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships.
Georgia has taught agility and carting classes and seminars and written articles for the Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club, the Pacific Gateway Working Bouvier Club, and the North American Working Bouvier Association. She is certified as a canine nosework instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work, the only sanctioning and titling organization for the sport. Her current dog, Hawkeye, is the first, and currently the only, Bouvier des Flandres in the world with a nosework title; he has been one of the nosework "demo dogs" at the Seattle Kennel Club shows for several years. 
Georgia can be contacted through email at or at 360-579-1030. Click here to view the interview with Georgia Edwards.

Miriam Rose, CPDT-KA, CNWI
The exciting and inclusive dog sport of K9 Nose Work was devised to bring the world of scent detection to the dog owning public for the delight the activity brings to dogs and their people. Miriam was the first Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) in the state of Washington and teaches in adherence to their methods.  She began Northwest Noseworks, to further spread the sport in WA and BC.
Miriam’s life has revolved around dogs since she was nine years old, when she trained her first dog, a German Shepherd, in obedience. She owned and trained a series of German Shepherds in her growing up years and later chose Giant Schnauzers; first as her companions and later as her working partners. Over many years Miriam has schooled her own dogs for conformation, obedience, agility, and tracking and pursued her own education in ‘all things dog’ including clicker work, protection dog sports, and service dog training. Miriam’s love of scent work for dogs and her belief in their unparalleled talent for it have led her to an unusual passion and path in life.
Since 2000 Miriam has owned and operated Verity Services, which provides drug and explosive detection dog services to schools, businesses, and private homes. She and her dogs have worked in schools from Maryland to New Mexico successfully searching for drugs and other contraband to help keep children safe. In addition, over the past 8 years, she has partnered with various international corporations to work their dogs to screen ships’ stores for explosives for the cruise ships sailing from Seattle during the Alaska cruise season. She and her K9 partners search up to ten thousand pallets a season to keep passengers and crew from harm. During the Christmas shopping season she has also worked explosive detection dogs for NW regional shopping malls.
When not teaching Nose Work classes or working her detection dogs, Miriam works with private clients’ dogs to solve their behavior problems, volunteers to assist rescued Giant Schnauzers in the region, tests dogs for law enforcement careers on a pro-bono basis, and furthers her education in detection dogs, pet dog training, and selective breeding at seminars in the US, Canada, and Europe. She is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and holds the CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer – Knowledge Applied) certification.

Click here if you are interested in applying for the Emily scholarship for "special needs" dogs.


5475 Maxwelton Road
Langley, WA 98260
Phone, 360.221.5484
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